CV-701 Secondary Dust collection


  • Power Supply: 1φAC 220/380V 60(50)Hz
  • Induction motor:2HP
  • Ion Generator:Input:220V/120mA Output:4.6KV/4.5mA
  • Power consumption of dust collection:1.5 KVA
  • Entrance caliber:58mm
  • Noise:65dB
  • Dimension:(W*D*H) 550x550x1250mm
  • Small size, takes up little space, easy to move.
  • Applying dust-collecting paper net for quick and convenient replacement and reduces pollution.
  • Equipped with an electrostatic air gun to generate an ion wind to thoroughly clean the residual dust of the PCB.
  • The electrostatic air gun blowing is carried out simultaneously with the suction motor suction to prevent the surrounding environment from being polluted again.
  • With industrial advanced blowers, it can run 24 hours without stopping.
  • The equipment has good grounding protection and overload protection.