Blower Built-in dust collection


motor 3HP 5HP
Inlet air volume 1.7m³/min 2.4m³/min
Inlet wind pressure 1500mmAg 2117mmAg
Entrance caliber 38mm 38mm
Exit caliber 60mm 60mm
Disposable non-woven dust collection filter 0.3 um(99.97%) 0.3 um(99.97%)
HEPA Filter-Flat Bag 0.3 um(99.99%) 0.3 um(99.99%)
noise 77dB 77dB
Voltage AC220(380)V 3 φ 60 / 50Hz 3 φ 60 / 50Hz
Output Power 2.25KVA 3.75KVA
weight 50kg(With dust box) 60kg(With dust box)
  • Small size and does not take up space
  • 3HP、5HP high efficiency blower, high dust collection efficiency
  • Use disposable non-woven dust bag to prevent secondary pollution.