OFF LINE PCB Separator Cut Machine


  • Sliding table positioning mode:Servo precise positioning Single and double slides table
  • Cover mode: magnet buckle platen mechanism
  • Maximum working range on one side(W*D):500*640 mm
  • Working height:920mm±20mm
  • Cutting speed:1~100 mm/s
  • Mechanical repeatability:± 0.01 mm
  • Control System:PC-based 4 Axis controller
  • Drive way:AC Servo motor
  • working system:IPC Windows 10
  • Cutting accuracy:± 0.05 mm
  • Spindle speed:Max. 60000 rpm
  • Host voltage:1φ, AC 220V 50/60Hz
  • Air supply:4~6 kg/cm², flow:1500 L/hr
  • Power consumption:3.0 KVA
  • Dust collection method:External type,upper exhaust type 3HP,See Catalog EV-720
  • Dust collection method: built-in type,lower exhaust type HP and Blower
  • Static elimination:Static elimination gun (lower exhaust type)
  • Integrated design of the cutting main unit and the dust collection reduces the size and increases the flexibility of the production line layout.
  • Suction port is kept aligned with the cutting point of the milling cutter, significantly increasing the dust collection effect.
  • Disposable dust bag is used to prevent secondary dust pollution, which is environmentally friendly and simplifies the maintenance of the dust collection.
  • The dust collection is equipped with a second filter paper net to effectively protect the motor and prevent dust leakage.
  • The dust collection is equipped with automatic dust detection function to ensure the dust collection effect.
  • It is equipped with a high-precision CCD vision automatic alignment correction system, which improves cutting precision and work efficiency.
  • It is equipped with a safety light to ensure operator's safety.
  • The machine is equipped with a vacuum cleaner function to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
  • Small in size and convenient for production on the line.
Type Workbench The scope of work(W*D)mm Machine size W*D*H weight(Kg) Picture file
SS 1 Table Down 330*440mm
UP 330*420mm
970*1300*1880mm 590 The scope of work
SL 1 Table Down 300*540mm 750*1455*1835mm 640 The scope of work
DS 2 Table Down 250*340mm
UP 250*320mm
1340*1230*1880mm 750 The scope of work
DW 2 Table Down 330*440mm
UP 330*420mm
1470*1300*1880mm 830 The scope of work
DM 2 Table Down 400*440mm
UP 400*420mm
1610*1300*1880mm 830 The scope of work
DML 2 Table Down 330*640mm
UP 330*620mm
1470*1670*1880mm 840 The scope of work
DX 2 Table Down 500*490mm
UP 500*470mm
1810*1410*1880mm 910 The scope of work
DXL 2 Table Down 500*640mm
UP 500*620mm
1810*1700*1880mm 1050 The scope of work