UV-703N UV curing machine:UV LED bulb


  • lamp type:UV LED、700mA x 12。
  • Cooling:Air-coolded ventilation system
  • Conveyor Speed:5mm/秒 → 60mm/秒。
  • Safety Device:Current overload circuit breaker, leakage prevent
  • Host voltage:1φ, AC 220V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption:1.8 KVA
  • Conveyor:650mm
  • Lamp Voltage:DC 70V
  • Lamp wavelength:365/395 擇一
  • Bulb life: The bulb can be used continuously for more than 24 hours, accumulatively about 4380 hours.
  • Dimension(W x D x H):700 x 950 x 1330mm
  • Weight:200KG
  • The UV-703 oven connects with online Dispenser EM-5701N(EM-5500)
  • EM-5701N (EM-5500)+ UV conveyor length about 2000mm
  • Detail dispenser spec. refers to catalog