ER-8000 (only for Upper Dust Collection)
OFF LINE PCB Separator Cut Machine


  • Sliding table positioning mode: Servo precise positioning double sliding table
  • Cover plate method: cylinder type platen mechanism
  • Maximum working range on one side(W*D):330*340 mm
  • Working height:920mm±20mm
  • Cutting speed:1~100 mm/s
  • Mechanical repeatability:± 0.01 mm
  • Control System:PC-based 4 Axis controller
  • Drive way:AC Servo motor
  • working system:IPC Windows 10
  • Cutting accuracy:± 0.05 mm
  • Spindle speed:Max. 80000 rpm
  • Host voltage:1φ, AC 220V 50/60Hz
  • Air supply:4~6 kg/cm², flow:1500 L/hr
  • Power consumption:2.2 KVA
  • Dust collection method: built-in type, suction type 3HP, see Blower
  • Equipped with automatic cutter change function
  • Adopting high-efficiency dust collection to improve the dust collection effect, and newly developed dust collection structure, the dust is cleaner.
  • X, Y and A axes adopt gantry structure to improve cutting accuracy and speed.
  • The pick-and-place work area is equipped with safety facilities to meet public safety requirements.
Type Workbench The scope of work(W*D)mm Machine size W*D*H weight(Kg) Picture file
DS 2 Table 250*340mm
DW 2 Table 330*340mm