ES-603 Laser Engraving Machine


  • Laser source:America SYNRAD 10W metal tube CO2 Laser source.
  • Laser source lifetime:More than 40,000 hours
  • PCB Scope of work:W300×D300mm
  • Single laser operating range:70x70mm
  • Machine size:W720xD1000xH1520mm
  • Machine weight: 500KG
  • power supply voltage:220V 1phase
  • Air supply pressure:5kgf/cm2
  • Manual width adjustment
  • Single side carving
  • Visual system:Location, code reading, retrial, etc
  • Machinable content:There are dozens of commonly used 1-D and 2-D barcodes,etc
  • Multivariate Bar Code Control System:SQL、Webservice、File Access.etc
  • Bar Code Evaluation Mechanism:AIM/DPM 15415 Standard
  • No consumable material
  • Fully automatic marking process instead of manual sticker
  • High speed
  • Multivariate connection mode is convenient to control bar code
  • Complete Software and Hardware Experience
  • Convenient Configuration of Miniaturized Machines
  • Marking content is large or will take a long time
  • →Change to 2-D Bar Code

  • Marking errors cannot be fixed
  • →Re sticker

  • Marking contrast is not higher than sticker
  • →The reading rate is slightly lower than that of general stickers

    →Need to learn to adjust laser output power to improve marking quality