ER-8000 AT (only for Upper Dust Collection)
IN LINE PCB Separator Cut Machine


  • Sliding table positioning mode: Servo precise positioning double sliding table
  • Pick-and-place method: double-head pick-and-place mechanism (one pick, one pick)
  • Cover plate method: cylinder type platen mechanism
  • Maximum working range on one side(W*D):330*340 mm
  • Working height:920mm±20mm
  • Cutting speed:1~100 mm/s
  • Mechanical repeatability:± 0.01 mm
  • Control System:PC-based 6 Axis controller
  • Drive way:AC Servo motor
  • working system:IPC Windows 10
  • Cutting accuracy:± 0.05 mm
  • Spindle speed:Max. 80000 rpm
  • Host voltage:1φ, AC 220V 50/60Hz
  • Air supply:4~6 kg/cm², flow:1500 L/hr
  • Power consumption:3.0 KVA
  • Dust collection method: built-in type, suction type 3HP, see Blower
  • Front station conveyor belt height: 920 ± 20 mm
  • Rear station conveying mode: belt type, rail type, carrier type,ES-602 can be selected according to customer needs
  • Flow direction: left to right, right to left

PCB transport mechanism

Auto loading and unloading(Modular vaccum nozzle, independent vaccum sensor)

Pick and place device

Automatic loading and unloading (modularized vacuum claw, vacuum detection device, can be selected independently)

P&P Device

lateral movement/up/down to be AC servo motor control

P&P Speed


Conveyor width

Min. 80 mm

  • Equipped with automatic replacement of milling cutter function.
  • Gantry structure increase cutting acuracy and cutting speed
  • Extended router bit's life by multistage auto compensation of Z height to reduce cost
  • Integrated shell and safety door sensor fit for public safety demand
  • Using working table to push PCB panel margin into trash bucket which is in front of router to reduce equipment placement space
  • Off-line module dedicated fixture with vacuum pick up nozzles decreasing change production line
Type Workbench The scope of work(W*D)mm Machine size W*D*H weight(Kg) Picture file
ATDS 2 Table 250*340mm
ATDW 2 Table 330*340mm 2200*1340*2060mm 930