EV-710Lower Dust Collection


Model EV-710 EV-710
Induction motor 3HP 5HP
Entrance airflow 28m³/min 35m³/min
Entrance air speed 26m/sec 28m/sec
Entrance air pressure 300mmAg 380mmAg
Entrance caliber 150mm 150mm
Exhaust caliber 200mm 200mm
Non-woven 12.1cc/cm².Sec 12.1cc/cm².Sec
Noise 73dB±2 76dB±2
Power supply AC 220(380)V 3φ.60/50Hz 3φ.60/50Hz
Output 2.25KW 3.75KW
Dimension 635×665×1710 mm 805×910×2040 mm
Weight 196Kg 295Kg

Different sizes according to the size of the dust

Dust size Dust Collection Ability
0.5 μ 80%
1.0 μ 90%
2.0 μ 95%
3.0 μ以上 100%
  • 3HP(5HP) high efficiency motor
  • 100% Polyester & 1.9㎜ thickness high-density fabric filter tube plus specially made high-efficiency vane which produces strong suction thatcan efficiently filtrate dust particle.
  • 16PCS 120*640mm(5HP:29PCS 120*790mm)filter tube collect PCB dust efficiently.