OFF LINE PCB Separator Cut Machine


  • The double fixture can be converted into a large single fixture to increase the working range.
  • It can be equipped with automatic tool change spindle + automatic tool change machine slot, reducing the number of personnel to replace the spindle milling cutter.
Type Workbench The scope of work(W*D)mm Machine size W*D*H weight(Kg) Picture file
SW 1 Table 500×450mm 1200×1150×1450mm 790 590
DS 2 Table 245*320mm 1240*1465*1800mm 580 The scope of work
DL 2 Table 245*420mm 1240*1465*1800mm 580 The scope of work
DW 2 Table 320*420mm 1390*1465*1850mm 630 The scope of work
DM 2 Table 320*520mm 1390*1665*1800mm 680 The scope of work
DML 2 Table 320*620mm 1390*1920*1800mm 740 The scope of work
DX 2 Table 470*420mm 1690*1465*1800mm 730 The scope of work
DXL 2 Table 470*520mm 1690*1665*1800mm 760 The scope of work
DXM 2 Table 470*620mm 1690*1920*1800mm 820 The scope of work
DXX 2 Table 600*620mm 1840*1920*1800mm 910 The scope of work